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What is the boat club all about? Boat Club USA is all about community. We are a community of like-minded boating enthusiasts that understand that sharing a whole fleet of boats is better than owning one boat. Boat Club USA is about freedom. Enjoy the freedom and luxury of access to unlimited boating.  Simply arrive at the dock at the time of your reservation and your boat will be ready and waiting. Boat Club USA is about accessibility. The ease and carefree nature of boat club membership takes the hassle and headache out of boating. Boat Club USA is about value. You no longer have to worry about trailering, storage, and maintenance… all for just a fraction of the cost of ownership! Boat Club USA is about quality. Our boats are clean and well maintained. Boat Club USA is about convenience. Gone are the days of spending an equal number of hours taking care of the boat as you did actually using the boat. Can anyone become a member? Members must be at least 25 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. All members must pass a brief safety certification with  before taking out any of the boats. How do I become a member? The enrollment process starts with a visit to the docks at Sutters Marina on Irondequoit Bay and a tour of the boats. Call our office at 585-629-8393 for a no-hassle consultation.  Click HERE to learn more. How do I reserve a boat? Members can make reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any device with internet access, or directly from our reservation app on your smartphone. If you do not have access to the internet, you can call us at 585-629-8393 to make a reservation.  Click HERE to log in now. Can I make a last-minute decision to use a boat? Absolutely! As long as a boat is available giving us 1 hour notice, then you can take a boat out at your whim. How do I know boats will be available? The industry standard has most boat clubs running at 12-to-1 member-to-boat ratio. At Boat Club USA, we run a much tighter ratio, which gives you more time on the water.  How long can I stay out on the water? Reservations are from 8am until 2:30pm, or 3pm until 9pm.  Members can also choose to reserve the boat for the entire day by using two reservations. Is there a charge for cancelling a reservation? There is no charge for cancellation - but no-shows are subject to a $25 slush-fund fee. The boats are here to be used at your convenience, but we hate to have a boat sitting idle when a fellow member could be out on the water.  The fee is to inspire fairness for all members - and will be used for club parties and the purchase of new water toys. How much does it cost? The price to be a member of Boat Club USA is substantially less than the average cost of owning a boat! View our membership options HERE. Who cleans and maintains the boats? All Boat Club USA boats are professionally maintained and repaired by certified marine technicians.  Additionally, each vessel is thoroughly cleaned and inspected so it will be ready for you to enjoy. Do you have additional equipment available? Yes! We offer unlimited use of coast guard rated life vests, waterski’s, tubes, and knee boards for our members. Is the insurance covered by the Club? Yes! Our insurance policy is specifically aligned with our business and covers major damage and liability. You are only responsible for the deductible. Can I bring guests? Yes! You can bring as many guests as the boat capacity allows. Can my guests use the club boats without me being there? No, but they will continue to be your friend as long as you are the boat captain! Are there any hidden fees or surprises I should know about? No. You pay for the gas that you use.  If you damage the boat, you will be responsible for the damages. Do I need to be an experienced captain to join the club? No prior experience is necessary or required. We will coach you, train you, and empower you to enjoy boating as much as we do.  How long does my membership last? Once you pay your annual membership fee, you are considered a member in good standing. If you elect to upgrade from one membership plan level to another, you will only pay the difference.  Memberships last for a full calendar year. Are corporate Memberships available? Contact us for open discussion. Why should I join? Not to state the obvious but: Enjoy unlimited boating Dedicated and responsive staff catering to your needs Great way to entertain family, clients, and guests No boat payments No licensing expenses No boat maintenance expenses No insurance expenses No dock fees No cleaning, upkeep, repairs or maintenance No slip fees, winterizing or winter storage Ready for the best part?  When you return to the dock - you throw us the keys and walk away!
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